A new year, new decade has come. Let figure out hottest beauty trends to prepare for a fresh look in this spring after the cold winter.


Color tones used for eyes this year are bright colors such as purple, pink, blue and so on. According to beauty experts, the blue tone of deep-sea blue is more charming than any colors. Applying green or coral blue colors around eye-lid, lips and cheeks would bring your face a healthy and vital look.

Blue color brings your face a healthy and vital look


The Side chignon is a favorite hair-do among fashionable women. It is surprisingly quick and easy but able to win you admiring glances.

Side chignon

High chignon style of ballet dancers is now also a hair hot trend, especially among young and single women. You can easily make a high chignon by some simple steps: pinning the hair into a knot, applying hair gel or mousse, then twist hair and secure it by a hairpin.

Instead of the pony-tail style in 2009, women are recommended letting their hair down. You will have to dry, brush hair and apply hairspray to secure the hair style. You should also have a side bang to make the hair look more natural.

Hair down


Bright colored lipsticks are recommended to adorn the natural beauty. You can also apply lip gloss on the lower lip for succulent lips.

Hollywood star with pink lips

A video on how to apply for a long lasting pink lipstick

Pink lipsticks are still in full effect in 2010. Pink tone brightens your face, giving it an irresistible charm. You should apply light color powder along with pink lipsticks for more surprising effects.


For 2010, the hype fashion trend will be cheetah fashion with various designs, colors and materials. Not only clothing but accessories would be involved in this trend.

Cheetah design motif brings women elegant appearance

Prom dresses with cheetah design motif bring women elegant appearance. This year, cheetah fashion is not just simply with white, black, yellow color, but also some colors that seem to be difficult to match like red, purple, green, etc. They are mixed together to make an original outfit.


Scarf: Square Scarf with flower, striped or checked motifs in various materials will match with your casual style as well as luxurious clothing.

Square Scarf

Necklaces: You must not miss a graceful necklace matching with a couple of dress styles in your wardrobe. It would show your sophisticated fashion style.

Free knitting boots: The boots have a new look and free style, suitable with young girls.

Socks: Long socks with radiant colors, especially red socks will attract every glance.

Corset-like Belt: This type of belt is modified from traditional corset, helping us to have a slenderer waist. Let choose a belt the same or definitely different with clothing color to have a harmonious outfit.

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