Life-long citizens of the Bible Belt would find the title to this commentary somewhat uncomfortable if not down-right blasphemous. In order to maintain some degree of intellectual honesty, one has to see the scarlet thread that runs throughout the sacred book of the Christian community: the Bible. It takes a great deal of CREDULITY to run with the mindset that Jesus was fully God; at least it does for me.

I have HOPE because Jesus was fully HUMAN!

Yes, he like I carry the divine spark, and LIGHT of God. We are all cut from the same cloth (might I better use the metaphor of light or energy?) which does not mean that we are all of the same frequency or vibration: that's more than obvious. But, Jesus had the "learn the ropes" as we all do. Hebrews 5:8 says that Jesus learned obedience through the things that he suffered.

>Jesus studied the Bible.
>Jesus spent a great deal of time in prayer and meditation.
>Jesus worked for a living
>Jesus repented and changed his thought patterns when he saw he needed a higher view.
>Jesus DID IT! Jesus successfully made the journey of living as a human and therein showed me how!

He's my model, my man, my inspiration.

Luke 2:40 shows him maturing and growing in favor with God. Later (vs. 52) Luke speaks of Jesus gaining favor and standing with mankind. Do we all need to follow this model or what? And when Jesus said (I guess he initially thought this) that he was just sent to the house of Israel (Matthew 15), he was so moved by the compassion of the Syro-Phonecian woman that he repented of his thinking and learned yet a new tolerance.

It's near impossible for literal or fundamental Christians to read these verses in such light because Jesus is to them "God in disguise".

Listen, we are ALL "God in disguise". We are all spiritual beings working our way through life and trying to be the best humans we can before we return to our original and eternal state. Thank you Jesus for showing me how LOVE CONQUERS ALL: for showing me that God is LOVE, that you became the poster child for that love, and for encouraging me that I too (all of us) can do the same if not "greater works" (of love).

Dang, that'll preach: at least in my world!

PS. Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! :-)

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