It feels like it changes overnight when you realize that your infant is now a toddler. Then it seems like the next time you turn around they are heading to school. Since children grow so swiftly, it is not practical to continually redecorate. By simply doing a small amount of planning you can save yourself a mountain of aggravation by not having to continually buy new furniture for your child's room.

Selecting classic lines in your child's furniture will let you continually reinvent it to keep it in style. Classic selections will weather the test of time. Adding a little whimsy to a basic piece of furniture keeps it new for your child's room. Here are several ideas to help you find furniture that keeps up with your child.

Wood Furniture: The fundamental pieces of furniture that you should include in a child's room are a bookcase, bed, armoire and dresser. Sturdy and well-made pieces of dcor, like art wall plaques and wall art metal, can last for years if they are able to adapt to your childs needs. Purchase unfinished wood furniture and wood carving wall art that can be painted and repainted to accommodate changing tastes in colors, themes, and patterns.

Bed, Convertible: It is very common as the expense of cribs has increased over the years for manufacturers to create the ability for a crib to morph into a child's bed. The tall crib railings can be dismantled and shorter railings can be added instead, and you can purchase an extension kit that will make the bed long enough to fit your young school age child. Selecting furniture with classic styling and a neutral color palette guarantees that the furniture will never be dated. Some creative furniture makers even make exchangeable trim and hardware available so that you can use the same piece of furniture to give it many different looks in your child's room.

Armoire: In the absence of a closet an armoire serves as primary storage for the room. The perfect place to house baby supplies, it is a very useful piece of basic furniture. Excellent for a growing child, the armoire can be arranged to hold whatever you need from clothes to toys. Perfect for a study area, the armoire table makes an exquisite desk, and then you can store school supplies in the rest of it.

Changing table becomes chest of drawers or bookshelf: Evolving from a changing table into a dresser or a book shelf is a great way to have a piece of furniture grow with your child. While some changing tables become dressers, others become bookshelves, which can be made to store books or toys.

Bench: A bench with storage below its lid is excellent for doubling as a toy box. Be sure to select one that is easy to open and that wont pinch small fingers. By placing comfy cushions on top, the bench can work as seating for reading or daydreaming when your child is older.

Modular Storage Cubes: One of the simplest and most effective organization systems, the storage cube is versatile and affordable. Some modular storage systems can be reconfigured in many different ways, and they even have kits to install doors, which really makes these systems versatile. As with any furniture selection using classic lines and a neutral color palette guarantees that the storage cubes will remain useful for a long time.

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