Fruits in summer are fresh and rich while include high vitamins and fiber which can increase the feeling of fullness. However, the nutritional composition in fruit is simple and only eat fruits will lead malnutrition. Moreover, some fruits have high calories such as watermelon, if people eat more, it will difficult to weight loss.

Trap 3, To eat spicy foods may be thin

The effect will not good on eating spicy food, on the country, it will bad for stomach function and increasing the stimulation on stomach mucosa. In addition, eating too much spicy foods may make skin becomes rough.

Trap 4, Don't eat staple food and meat can be thin

If do not eat the staple food for a long time, the brain will lack of energy and cause slow react. Actually, there are plenty of vitamin B in staple grain food that can promote fat burning, and with the high fiber elements, they will promote digestion and absorption. Lean meat is the source of high quality protein, and eating proper lean meat will be sure the amount of protein and good for weight loss.

Trap 5, Eating fatty food will get fat

The people seldom eat dairy products and high-fat food compare with those who eat moderate fat are more likely to obese. During the weight-loss process, the fat doesn't always act as a villain role.

Trap 6, Reduce one meal can be thin

Actually, if people reduce one meal, it may also change fat. Why? Because if this meal you are not eat, you will feel hungry and cause eat more next time. Therefore, weight loss in science is restriction of the total daily diet, in particular, avoid those high-energy, high-fat food rather than reducing one meal.

Trap 7, Don't eat starchy foods can be thin

Many people believe that starch food can lead fat, so they don't eat any. In fact, it is not absolute right. Of cause, eating too much will cause fat; but if less and proper eating, it will make weight loss process successfully, because it is the essential nutrient for people.

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