Having a fabulous view from your home can make up for many other shortcomings. The satisfaction of finally finding the perfect home is tempered because it is missing just one little thing. It has no vista. When a room is missing windows, or all of the windows look onto something unattractive, it can have the effect of making your room feel claustrophobic. A glimpse of the world outside makes any room feel bigger and more open. There are ways that you can counter the effects of having no view in a room. With the right wall mounted candle sconces and iron wall hanging for your wall, you will hardly notice that blinking neon sign lurking outside.

Mirrors Reflect Thoroughly on the Situation

In a room that has barely any natural light in it, covering the wall with mirrors can make a big difference. If you want to make a room be more open visually, hang some mirrors on the wall. You can construct an unique, framed window display quickly by simply mounting two pairs of framed wall mirrors that are the same style and size. By joining together the sides and then ends, you can create the appearance of four individual windows on your wall. To further the illusion you can incorporate window hardware to your frame and even add window treatments to finish off the look. To strengthen the effect, create another grouping of mirrors for the opposite wall. The mirrors will help to bounce light around the room giving it the illusion of being expansive. The mirror windows will very likely make the room feel so easy that, unless you mention it, people will not even notice that the room has no windows. The same illusion can be built with hexagonal mirrors, though you may want skip the window dressing on these more interesting shaped mirror 'windows'. This type of mirror grouping will work well in smaller bathrooms to add much-needed depth and dimension.

Iron Wall Plaques Add Light to a Room

Metal wall hangings can also work to add to the illusion of light and thus, space, and this is particularly true of bronze wall plaques that are embellished with mirrors. Using a metal wall art hanging, you can fashion mirrors to construct ever changing art on your wall. Adding lightness to a windowless room using mirrored metal sculptures and mirrored wall art helps to expand up the walls in a room with limited light.

Adding Paintings to a Space Can Create a Room with a View

Scenic acrylic wall art can form a fascinating look to your room without a view, and actually create a view for you where none exists. The best thing about having no window at all is that you can make whatever view you wish with a painting. There are many paintings out there that you can use in your room without a window to make it feel more open and light and give it a great view.

Creating a View with a Mural

Traditional wall murals are also a choice when it comes to giving you something prettier to look at than a concrete wall or a tiny window that faces a busy street. When you are lining out your mural design, you can make it as large or as small as you wish, and it will help to open up your space. There are so many styles of mural designs that you can choose that it opens up your room design to any possibility. If you are an artist, you might also dedicate a wall in your room without a view to creating your own wall mural for a truly personalized look.

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